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Throughout the course of my life and career I have had the great good fortune to be befriended and taught by some of the greatest percussion players that ever lived - amongst whom are the late James Blade, Reg Barker and of course, my great friend and mentor the late Bobby Christian, believed by many, including his erstwhile employer, Paul Whiteman, to be the World's greatest percussionist

Each of these performers, in their own right, was the inventor of a great many survival techniques that you can use in a tight corner, when things are not going as you would wish them to. So, during the course of my study with these particular individuals and throughout my own career, I have always made sure that I make a note of these little techniques for survival that you can use in a moment of crisis to get yourself out of trouble.

Over the coming months I will be giving you a glimpse into various chapters of my e-book, The Percussionist's Essential Survival Guide (PESG), together with a link to take you straight to the right place in our online shop - when you decide it is just what you need to know! Each chapter can be purchased (from as little as £1 each) as a download, or by post.

I hope this will give you a helping hand towards becoming the percussionist you would like to be. It has taken me many years to gather the information in my book, so I hope that PESG will equip you with a fast track route to survival!


Nigel Shipway

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