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Percussionist's Essential Survival Guide - Downloads feed

Nigel Shipway's amusing and informative book, in easily digestible chapter form, on all essential aspects of survival in the music jungle.

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Tambourines in the Orchestra -Ethnic and Period

The Tambourine - watching and hearing the instrument in performance greatly assists in understanding the flow from a rhythmic and technical point of view.
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The Cricket Effect

The cricket effect from Vaudeville to the concert hall.
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Thunder Sheet & Chains

Information on two of the less often used percussion instruments.
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Timpani - A Preparatory Paper

Preparatory Paper on Timpani - or Kettle Drum
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To Lilt or Not to Lilt

The Vienese Lilt - three beats in the bar.
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Tomtoms in the Percussion Section

Tomtoms in the Percussion Section - how to avoid howlers!
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Whistles for the Percussionist

Whistles make great sound effects.
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Wood Block

The Wood Block - a chance to increase your knowledge on this 'smaller' percussion instrument.
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Results 21 - 28 of 28

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