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A: The Gritty Realities of TouringArtistry, Virtuosity, Versatility & Showmanship

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The Blacksmith's Anvil is described in the writings of Michael Praetorius and also in the Gabinetto Armonico by Bonnani and so it comes as no surprise that a few hundred years later, the instrument should turn up in the scores of Verdi (Il Trovatore) and Wagner (Das Rheingold) and since that time it has found a permanent place in the percussionist's armoury of equipment. It is very likely that the Anvil was used as a sound effect in theatrical productions and possibly in the style Commedia Del'Arte for many years prior to its being incorporated into the modern orchestra and we can probably assume it was from this influence that the instrument came into use. By the time of the silent cinema, when the Anvil would have been used both as a naturalistic effect and perhaps for dramatic purposes, it was in almost daily use by percussionists.

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