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5 Show Overtures6 Pieces for Xylophone or Marimba

5 Solos for Snare Drum
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5 Solos for Snare Drum

Price per Unit (all five): £4.97

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5 Solos for the Snare Drum 

Pieces suitable for: Beginner to Intermediate

No-one has yet developed a single, all encompassing, technique which will carry one through the existing orchestral repertoire for the snare drum and so we, as players, are left with an agglomeration of sometimes incompatible techniques, within which we have, seamlessly, to change from one to another in order to navigate our way through the repertoire.

This collection should be used to assist the student to decide which technique to use, where and how to negotiate any changes which may need to be made during playing.

These solos are designed to challenge the student with particular focus on performance with both sticks and brushes and to assist in the understanding of performance (practice) of grace notes, poly rhythms and short duration rolls.

© Copyright 2008 Nigel Shipway





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