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10" Snare Drum44 Exercises for Pedal Timpani

20 Exercises for Pedal Timpani
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20 Exercises for Pedal Timpani

Price per Unit (20 Exercises): £4.95

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In my first book of studies for pedal timpani (44 Exercises for Pedal Timpani), I wrote exercises to get you, the student, thinking about melody and harmonic movement in pedal timpani playing.

This second book of 20 studies, intended as a companion volume, continues that approach with more of an eye on commercial styles of music such as Rock and Roll and Swing.

Therefore, they should all be played with a strong sense of jazz pulse, even when playing at slow tempo.

Please remember that each exercise is a development of ideas which I have actually seen and heard working in commercial music making.

I hope this helps and inspires you in your pursuit of a good pedal timpani technique.


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