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Orchestral WhipPercussionists' Essential Starter Pack

Percussionist's Essential Survival Kit
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Percussionist's Essential Survival Kit

Price per Unit (kit): £49.97

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The Survival Kit is full of essentials to make sure you can fix almost any problem that might occur to your percussion equipment, enabling you to carry out running repairs at a gig. The contents of the kit includes (1) a drum keykeysones, (2) hammerhead multi-tool with case (not shown)hammerhead multi-tools, (3) pliers multi-toolpliers2s, (4) adjustable spanneradjustablespanners , (5) 1 tamtam replacement cord, (6) 1 pr of castanet replacement cords, (7) 2 snare replacement cords and 1 triangle replacement cord (not all shown in picture)cordsx3s, (8) 2 replacement Castanet elastic castanet elasticxs,     (9)    3 prs Cymbal felts various sizes and 2 small rubber tubes for top of cymbal stand (in a zipped plastic bag, not shown)felts _rubber_tubing, (10) Small quantity of adhesive dressings/plastersplasters dressingsxs. Last but not least is a die cut stickerpzone sticker_on_casexs(travel worn case not included)!

When using the tools in this kit, always make sure you're wearing eye protection and any other necessary protection for your own safety.

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