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Baroque Timpani Sticks
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Baroque Timpani Sticks

Price per Unit (pair): £17.00
Number pairs in packaging:1
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This is a Baroque Timpani Stick with the head covered in chamois leather and can be used in a number of different ways. Particularly, of course and most notably, it can be used to play baroque music where a stick is required which is not as hard as a wooden headed stick and so this has the covering of chamois on it in order to slightly soften the impact. However, this is an ideal stick to use on very brash sounding Broadway style music and also, at a pinch can double as a mallet for playing glockenspiel and xylophone and a variety of other instruments that benefit from a harder mallet such as wood blocks, so that one can actually move very rapidly from one instrument to the next in a pit orchestra environment.


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