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Bongo Mallets
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Bongo Mallets

Price per Unit (pair): £19.60
Number pairs in packaging:1
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This is a timpani stick handle with an elongated rubber ferrule on the end. This type of stick was very common in usage in Latin American playing during the 1930’s and 1940’s where the predominant rhythmic flow was played using a cross stick and a rubber tipped mallet, which played syncopations against the cross stick rhythms. Examples of this type of writing can be found in the book ‘Latin American Rhythms And How To Play Them’ by Humberto Morales. This type of stick is particularly useful nowadays as a multi-percussion mallet as it will happily play the timpani, temple blocks, suspended cymbal and of course all of the Latin American styles of playing and also playing stick parts on the bongos.


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