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Multi-Percussion - A MusingOrchestral Whip

Multi-Percussion Mallets
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Multi-Percussion Mallets

Price per Unit (pair): £26.00
Number pairs in packaging:1
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This is a double-ended mallet. On one end there is a rubber head, which is covered in green baize, which is attached to a tapering maple handle, which has a hard vulcanised rubber xylophone head on the other end. This mallet is particularly useful since the vulcanised rubber head can be used to play glock, xylophone and wood block and also, with a bit of careful placing, triangle.

In addition to this, because of the tapered maple shaft, it is possible to play snare drum rolls which segue rapidly to the snare drum from the glock or the xylophone. By flipping the mallet over, it is possible to play the timpani, suspended cymbal, vibraphone and marimba and also, at a pinch, smaller gongs, so that it makes a very, very usable package in one mallet.


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