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5 Backward Pieces for Xylophone or Marimba5 Etudes for Triangle

5 Etudes for Multi-Percussion
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5 Etudes for Multi-Percussion

Price per Unit (5 Etudes): £4.47

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Avant Garde A Clue
Hyper Tension
Perpetual Commotion
The Twittering Classes
Varese A Jolly Good Fellow

These Etudes are intended to be the first in a series of works to challenge you and to engage you in giving due thought to the demands of multi-percussion writing and performance in a variety of musical genres.

Also, these Etudes offer practical solutions in getting you to problem-solve the various technical and musical issues which multi-percussion writing can throw up, such as stick/mallet choices, set up, dynamic control and overall balance problems which a disparate grouping of instruments can create.

© 2010 Nigel Shipway

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