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Ulanberg Audio and Score Series of Musical Scores

I would like to tell you a little bit about something which I have come across in recent months which is a real boon to any student of music and that is the Ulanberg Audio and Score Series of Musical Scores which are available for the price of £5.99. Now, for your money, what you get is a complete orchestra score, plus a CD of the piece. Now, I only wish that publishers had done things like this when I was a student because if you are trying to learn repertoire, one of the easiest ways to do it is to sit down and listen to a piece with the score and that is exactly what Ulanberg have finally done.

The initial release of this series includes a number of different works which would be of interest to budding timpani and percussion students. Particularly, they have got Beethoven’s Symphonies Three, Five, Six and Nine, Third Piano Concerto, Fifth Piano Concerto and the Violin Concerto. Berlioz Symphony Fantastique. Bizet La Laisien Suites No. 1 and 2. Brahms Symphonies Three and Four. Devorjac Eight and Nine and the Cello Concerto which of course has a triangle part in it. A variety of other things, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rossini, Schubert, Schumann, Smetner, Tchaikovski and Vivaldi.

The great thing about these particular scores is that they are available in music shops, usually displayed in a display cabinet.
The Price is £5.99, which I think is fantastic value for what you get and, of course, always remembering that you get a performance on CD of the work in question, so it is a very good way of working. For those of you that are keen to follow orchestral excerpts and study material like this will find this an absolute Godsend.

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