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Music While You Work

‘Music While You Work – An Era in Broadcasting’ by Brian Reynolds

The next book I would like to recommend is one that I found particularly interesting because it’s a book written about an era of work in the British Music Industry which I saw a little of in the earliest beginnings of my own career.

The book is called ‘Music While You Work – An Era in Broadcasting’ and is by Brian Reynolds. It documents the history of the long-running BBC radio programme ‘Music While You Work’.

There are many biographies, though rather short ones, of the band-leaders who were famous for contributing to this long-running programme and a considerable amount of time is actually devoted to the history of the programme during the Second World War because it was originally commissioned for radio to cheer people up. There are some amusing anecdotes about how certain speeds of music and certain types of music should be used as that they lift people’s spirits, showing the somewhat eccentric attitudes at work in the BBC of this time.

I do recommend the book. It is documenting a period of history which, although it is predominantly brought about by the Second World War, it went on certainly up until the late 1960’s and since that time has been revived on several occasions and it talks a great deal about many of the groups such as Troise and his Mandoliers and Troise and his Banjoliers and the Ralph Elman Orchestra and, of course, the London Studio Players, or The Unit as it was known in the BBC, which is an organisation which I actually played for, so I can recommend this book as a really interesting slice of professional music history. Well worth the read and not a particularly expensive book, though unless you are a real buff for the history of radio, this is probably one you might want to get through the Library system.

The Book is called ‘Music While you Work’.
The Author is Brian Reynolds.
Publishers are The Book Guild Limited of Lewes in East Sussex
ISBN number: 1-84624-004-2

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