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The Logic of It All

‘The Logic of It All’ by Anthony J Sironi and Joe Sinai

This book is currently published by Music Publications, but it is worth mentioning that years ago it was published under Anthony Sironi’s own publishing company. It has been re-edited and re-issued and now distributed by Howell Leonard so it is readily available in the UK.

‘The Logic of It All’ is, I think, a book which every percussion player should have on their bookshelf. It is a breakdown of all of the different aspects of playing in symphony orchestras, working out the intentions of composers and what they want of percussion instruments which they score for in their works.

As a work of advice for any young player it is absolutely without equal.

There is technical advice in here about how to play things and there’s sensible common sense approaches in dealing with different aspects of working in orchestras.

It really is a treasure trove of information and I cannot recommend it too highly.

When I got my original copy of this – thirty odd years ago now – it was my constant companion for about six months because it is one of those books that every time you dip into it you learned something that you didn’t know previously.

So, this is a book I would definitely encourage all budding symphony orchestra percussionists to read and indeed, percussionists in the wider sense, because many of the lessons to be learnt from this book could equally be applied to playing in bands and other types of orchestra, in shows and so forth.

This is a Five Star recommended read.

Published by: Music Publications
ISBN: 13:9781-57463-099-2

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