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'Triangle' Nigel's Trio

Quote from The Times - '...triangle was played gleefully by a large man!!'

The above quote from ‘The Times’ is describing me when I was playing a prominent triangle part in an orchestral concert in London - which leads me rather neatly on to tell you about my Jazz Trio called ‘Triangle’!

Over the last few years I have spent many a happy evening playing (although it was work, it certainly didn't feel like it!) jazz with my trio at various venues around the UK, including wedding receptions (we were recently asked to play the Cantina theme from Star Wars - my version, naturally!)

Another quote from a personal source (totally unbiased, of course!):

'I am not a musician and have not always placed jazz in the ‘easy listening’ category. However, I know I was not alone in enjoying an evening at The Ruchetta immersed in fabulous music, fantastic food, with great friends.  A night I will remember for a long time to come.'  Nicola Page

So, if you would like to book 'Triangle', my Trio, for an event you are planning, small or large, you should waste no time in contacting me on 01491 629838 for a quote.



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