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Handy Tip for January 2012

January's handy tip is one way of keeping the moisture at bay in your tambourine heads when you have to take them on a gig in the cold and damp.
What you need to do is go to a shop that specialises in selling skiing gear and equipment, or kit for outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping and so forth. You need to ask for a solid fuel hand-warmer. This is a metal box, about the size of a spectacle case which is usually covered in a sort of velvet cloth.

The inside of this box is lined with fibreglass and one can buy, with this item, a packet of fuel sticks which are pieces of charcoal which you then light with a cigarette lighter or match and then lay this inside the metal box on the fibreglass insulation and close the box tightly. It is obvious that you will make sure it is securely closed, but worth mentioning again. 

This will then warm up over a period of hours and can be placed either inside or on top of the tambourine head and keep it warm and therefore keep the damp at bay until you get home again.


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